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Hypocrites! A somewhat meandering rant

This rant brought to you by the absurdity of people defending neo-Nazi Milo Yiannopoulos' right to freely speak his violent hate speech and only turning against him when he started advocating for his right to diddle kids:

I will never be able to understand how people can be blase about people advocating the mass extermination of entire races/ethnicities/classes of people, and then treat pedophilia like it’s the worst thing in the fucking world. Like, yes, rape is evil and the rape of children is even more evil, but I don’t understand why it’s considered more evil than the deliberate extermination of human lives because of their race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or what have you. Hell, I don’t even understand why it’s considered more evil than pre-meditated murder. (Because clearly rape is more heinous than heat-of-the-moment murder, since rape requires deliberate intent whereas murders that are crimes of passion do not.) Yes, rape is heinous and rape of a child is even worse, but honestly it’s not as heinous as deliberately and with premeditation ending a human life against their will. And even if they were somehow equal, genocide is still always going to be a million times worse, and yet people act like the reverse is true.

Not only that, but all sexual crimes against minors are treated as the same level of heinousness, in the eyes of the law. Which on the surface makes sense, but if you think about it, that means crimes like someone getting their jollies by waggling their dick at a 17 year old, or 18-year-olds having consensual sex with 17-year-olds are considered crimes on par with brutally raping a toddler, in the eyes of the law and get the same punishment of being on the sex offender registry, and that’s just bloody ridiculous.

While we’re at it, the sex offender registry is kind of a ridiculous idea, too. There’s no registry for people who have murdered people, even when it was premeditated. They serve their time, they get out, they maybe have to deal with being recognized, they probably have a hard time getting jobs because of being convicts, but they can live anywhere without restriction, and they don’t have to inform anyone of their crimes except potential employers. And why not? Why isn’t there a murderer registry?

I’m not advocating for a murderer registry, actually. And here’s why: because repeat murderers tend to go to prison with longer sentences, because society recognizes that they are too dangerous to remain free. Society doesn’t recognize the same thing of repeat sex offenders. And to a degree, this is understandable, because not all sex offenses or sex offenders are equal. Penis-wagglers are more annoying than anything else, for instance, while genuine rapists - especially the violent ones - are a legitimate threat and should be put away for a long time.

But if you think the sex offender registry is in any way a deterrent or helping people to be safe, you’re wrong. The SRO is actually counter-productive, because it ends up giving these people nowhere to live, and they end up homeless and thus unable to be tracked, or it drives them to reoffend. This is caused by one of two things: 1. If one is being treated like a monster just for existing, might as well prove them right. or 2. The stress caused by being unable to find housing or work due to their crime (which in many cases is the annoying but basically harmless penis-waggling, or any of a number of ridiculous situations like “I was just drunk and taking a piss, and somebody saw my wang and called the cops” or again, an 18-year-old and his or her 17-year-old partner bang, get caught, and the elder of the two gets their life ruined forever because the law is more concerned with making things nice and orderly than it is with actual common sense or justice. … um, went off on a tangent a bit but 2) the stress of that might cause them to reoffend or do some other crime because being in prison ends up being less stressful than dealing with the stupid SRO.

And honestly, if a crime is serious enough that you genuinely believe putting them on a registry after they’re released from prison is necessary, then WHY THE HELL DID YOU RELEASE THEM FROM PRISON IN THE FIRST PLACE, DUMBASS?

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Evil yahweh is evil

Quora question: Why would someone choose to worship a religious antagonist like Lucifer, Satan, or other evil personified figures?

My answer: Because we don’t worship evil. The Christians do. They claim their god is loving and benevolent, but even in his own bible he admits to killing millions of people. His behavior in the bible is that of a malevolent evil narcissistic being. So you should aim your question about worshiping evil at the Christians.

Comment by an idiot: those people in the old testament were evil and idol worshipers. God allowed them to face the consequences of their actions. (Like the philistines). And later on by the new testament, people and societies have become more developed and borders more permanent. Its also nice how you only point out about 1 thing from the bible but ignore everything else, making your claim weak.

Me: Well in my ethical system, murder is never okay, and genocide is abominable, there's never any excuse for it. Even if they were murderous rapists the lot of them, that doesn't excuse it, and according to you, the only reason yahweh killed them was because they didn't worship him. That makes your god a narcissist and malevolent evil in my ethical system. And you excusing that kind of behavior because "they're evil" and "he's god" makes you just as evil to me.

Also, there are thousands of sects of yahweh/jehovah/allah based religions out there. You're telling me that your sect, and only your sect, is the right sect, and everyone else is an evil idolator? And you don't see how a reasonable person might see this as evil?

"Its also nice how you only point out about 1 thing from the bible but ignore everything else, making your claim weak."

Then here's a list:

1. Yahweh committed genocide against millions of people in Noah's flood.

2. Yahweh had thousands slaughtered in war.

3. Yahweh sent a bear to kill a couple dozen kids just because they called one of his prophets bald.

4. Yahweh tortured Job just to test his faith. Torture is never okay in my ethical system, especially not for ridiculously frivolous reasons like that.

5. Yahweh had his angel of death kill all the firstborn - hundreds or even thousands of innocent children - in Egypt because of... why? I don't even remember the reason.

6. Yahweh sent deadly plagues against the Egyptians because supposedly they were keeping the Israelites slaves. Which is interesting because the Egyptians kept meticulous records of everything, even stuff that made them look bad (and they knew it), and yet they never mention owning any Israelite slaves. For that matter, I seem to recall that there's no evidence that slavery existed in Egypt at all.

7. God punished Adam and Eve - innocents who did not know the difference between good and evil - for being tricked by the serpent into disobeying his order not to eat the fruit of knowledge. Yet, the thing is, God also told Adam and Eve that they would die if they ate it, and the serpent only pointed out that this was a lie. Which, as it turns out, it WAS a lie, because they didn't die. Anyway, if he didn't want them to disobey, why did he give them free will? So he basically punished them and all their descendents forevermore for his own stupid mistake. (Assuming you believe that whole fairy tale.)

8. Assuming you're Xian, yahweh let his own son be tortured to death for days on the crucifix to save humanity from the punishment he inflicted on them for his own stupid mistake. So the whole situation is like a parent breaking a vase on their own, blaming their kid for it being broken, and then whipping the child's sibling to absolve them from being punished for something they weren't responsible for. Which is child abuse, which is evil.

9. God's first commandment isn't "don't kill" or "don't be a dick," it's "Worship me." This being is so hard up for love he basically makes it a rule that you have to worship him, or he punishes you for disobeying. And this rule is so important to him that he murdered millions of people whose only crime was not worshiping him. And this doesn't strike you as the very definition of "evil"?

10. There's a scene in the bible where yahweh tells Moses how to commit an abortion. Because according to the bible, only men can decide when a woman gets an abortion. There's this concept called "bodily autonomy," which means your body is your own and nobody has any right to do anything to your body without your consent. In my ethical system, bodily autonomy is one of the most important points. People who violate bodily autonomy are wicked, if not outright evil. Slavery is also extremely immoral to me. The idea of women as property and men get to decide what is done to their body is a concept that both violates bodily autonomy AND is slavery. So there's another point.

11. All the many times in the bible that yahweh has ordered pregnant women of the enemy to be gutted like fish, the babies inside left to die.

12. Lucifer sees yahweh being evil and basically says "Hey, stop that, that's evil and wrong." Yahweh basically says "Shut up, I do what I want." Lucifer stands up for what he thinks is right, tries to depose the evil tyrant, fails, and is punished in flaming torment for the rest of eternity, then blamed for all the evil in the world. It's like Donald Trump throwing Hillary Clinton in prison and then continuing to blame her for everything bad and evil that ever happens, even though she's in prison now.

I could probably go on, but I'm hungry and I have better things to do with my time than spit against the wind. I'll just end on the note that there's no actual evidence that Jesus Christ or Yeshuah ben Yosef or whatever his name was, actually ever existed. In fact, there's pretty strong evidence that the Romans invented him and spread the lie around to manipulate the Jews, only it blew up in their face when people started to actually believe the lie.

But hey, I wouldn't even need to be this prickly about your religion if you showed some sign of being even a halfway decent human being. Jesus may be fictional, but his teachings are actually pretty cool, maybe you should actually focus on those, focus on trying to live up to his teachings. Because if Jesus were a real person, I think he'd be pretty cool, and I'm pretty sure he'd agree with me about yahweh being evil. Speaking of which, the only sect of Christianity I would ever consider converting to is Gnostic Christianity, because the Gnostis believe yahweh (god of the old testament) was an evil demiurge, and that the "father in heaven" that Jesus was talking about was actually Lucifer, who in their faith is no relation at all to Satan, because Satan doesn't exist in their faith except possibly as another name for yahweh.

But yeah, I like Jesus's teachings, even though they were all taken from other cultures for the lie about Jesus existing. But if he did exist, he'd be pretty cool. And he'd probably not like you. Because so many members of his fan clubs are total jerks and many are downright evil. I think for every 1 Christian I meet whom I like, I've met 99 who I want nothing to do with ever.

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RE: Racism

A post on Tumblr had some racist jackass on it arguing that "not all white vegans are racist," completely missing the points others were making. Repeating my response to them here because I was overcome by an uncharacteristicly benign attitude for it, and it explains some things I have had trouble explaining in the past. With some slight modifications that I don't have the energy to make right now, it would be a good all-purpose anti-racist thing. Here you are:

I’m white and I’m telling you you’re wrong. White vegans have proved to me time and again that they care more about animals than they do about the lives of people of color. Maybe not every single individual white vegan is racist, but the majority of them are. It’s just that it’s a damn sight easier talking about white vegans in general than it is to constantly be saying “most white vegans.” Also, if people were to make that distinction all the time, white vegans could comfortably go “Ah, but not me” and carry on without being ruffled. Being ruffled is good, which is why the generalization; it makes you decide to either look deep inside yourself to see if you harbor any racist ideas you may have picked up by being raised in a racist society, or you can decide to double down on your racism.

Arguing “not all white vegans are racist” puts you into the “doubled down on your racism” category, by the way, because racism only goes one direction: from the oppressors down to the oppressed. The only thing going the other direction is Prejudice, which is based on it being safer for people of color to assume that white people are going to be nasty and even dangerous than it would be to assume that they won’t. IE, the worst that can happen by POC being prejudiced against white people is some white person’s feelings get hurt, whereas the worst that can happen to POC by not being prejudiced against white people is they might get murdered by the white person. So no, saying “white vegans are racist” is not racist, and will never be racist unless someone invents a time machine and leads African people to invade Europe and enslave and murder its people and exterminate entire cultures.

If you were really not racist, you wouldn’t have a problem with people generalizing white vegans as racist because you would know it was true, and you would know that you were already working on counteracting the racism that had infected your brain, and you would know that people making this generalization know that some white vegans are fighting their racism, so you wouldn’t be bothered by the generalization. I know because I’m white (though not a vegan) and everything in this paragraph is true for me. I know white people are racist, I see evidence of it all the time. I’m not bothered by people saying what I know is the truth, even though I’m personally fighting my own racism, because I know I used to have all kinds of unaddressed racism in my brain, and probably still do (CONSTANT VIGILANCE!); I know that such a generalization is faster and better than constantly adding provisos.

And anyway, in a racist society like ours, being Not Racist isn’t good enough. You have to be Anti-Racist. Merely being Not Racist is being silent in the face of oppression, which is basically agreeing with the oppression. You have to be vocally against oppression and racism for it to really count.

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A sort of winding rant.

“Black and white thinking” is said to be a symptom of autism, but honestly in my observations, allistics tend more towards black and white thinking than we auties and aspies do. I also find those on the autism spectrum tend to be more open-minded than allistics.

Yeah, anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty close-minded about some things but that’s not for the same reasons as allistics. For me, if I’m close-minded about something it’s because I spent years being open-minded about it, heard every argument under the sun, made up my mind, and all I keep hearing from the opposition is more of the same BS recycled arguments I’ve heard a million times already. Also, the things I tend to be close-minded about are things where my reasons for believing something are based on my sense of morality/ethics and no argument is likely going to be good enough to bypass that. Take abortion for instance; fetuses are not even intelligent, let alone sentient, so no argument is ever going to convince me that the rights of some non-sentient clump of cells overrules the rights of the sentient human being in whom those cells are growing. Especially when counter-arguments are always based on an incredibly ignorant misunderstanding of science by people who believe that a being that committed multiple genocides against his own creations has somehow changed from a narcissistic evil sociopath into a good loving guy who thinks abortion is murder now, when the bible’s sole reference to abortion was that same god teaching Moses how to perform an abortion, and there are several scenes where this same god tells his followers to gut pregnant women amongst their enemies.(1)

Also, inability to pick up on people’s tone of voice is said to be another autism spectrum symptom. I can’t speak for everyone on the autism spectrum, but for myself, I find that tends to be BS as well. I can pick up on people’s tones just fine. Better, in fact, than allistic people do. I think where the confusion comes in is I pick up on what others are actually feeling as opposed to what they’re trying to convince others and/or themselves they’re feeling, and their hypocrisy is what bugs me. So few people say what they mean or mean what they say, and when I call them on it, they’ve convinced themselves that I’m the stupid one for seeing through their ruse.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are so many autistic trans people and autistic bi/pan people, and autistic people on the asexual spectrum. I think people on the autism spectrum tend to be better at finding the edges, the overlaps, the areas that aren’t (just) one thing or another. It’s just that the autistic black/white thinking stems, I think, from a mix of old BS allistic thinking patterns from trying to fit in with the allistics, and our literalistic approach to things (which I think is basically just us expecting people to say what they mean and then getting confused and/or annoyed when they don’t, IE we’re upset that allistics aren’t as honest as we are, which makes sarcasm a concept that takes a lot of work to puzzle out).


1 = Or another example: I think people’s right to live and be safe from horrifying deaths by guns overrules the “right” of others to own dangerous tools designed solely for murdering people. So from my POV, banning guns and repealing the 2nd amendment is more moral than letting a bunch of yahoos run around killing people just because that’s their fetish.

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This was a question on Quora:

Who are the masked protesters dressed in black who break windows, loot businesses, and set fires?

At the Trump Inagguration and many Black Lives Matter protests, these sorts of people show up and wreak all kinds of havoc. Some acquaintances speculate they are white anarchists. One acquaintance insists they are agent provocateurs hired by the state. Just who are they and how do they organize?

Here was my answer:

They’re undercover cops trying to give the other cops an excuse to come down hard on the protesters.

Someone's response:

Never forget how Hitler rose to power. Many sane and peaceful Germans were peacefully protesting the Nazis rise to power. Hitler recruited and sent in the Brown Shirts to instigate violence at the protests. Hitler then used the ensuing violence as a fig leaf to declare marshal law and grab complete dictatorial control of government.

So this will not be an easy black and white judgement call, seeing as the Left does have a radical wing that accepts violence as necessary. As opposed to the majority on the Left who embrace peaceful resistance and protest a la Gandhi and MLK.

And the fascist right wing corporate elite have every incentive to try and delegitimize the massive progressive protests worldwide. And can easily follow Hitler's example of success in grabbing even more power under the banner of Right Wing Authoritarianism, which has run rampant under corporate sponsorship for decades now, but especially since 9–11.

My response to that:

It’s even more complicated than that. There are anti-fascists called the Antifa who disguise themselves and punch Nazis. Now, I’m against hurting innocent people, including being against smashing the cars and other property of middle class and lower classes, and back when Obama was President I was against all destruction of property, but the puppet in the oval office now is a fascist dictator-wannabe installed by a foreign government and has no legitimacy. I still believe in sparing the lives and bodies and properties of the innocent, but smashing police cars, police buildings, and government property, I very much agree with.

I also believe there are allies in our government, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and some of the other minority of Democrats who actually have a spine and fight Drumpf and his jackbooted minions, so those allies should be spared as well. But otherwise, I support violence towards the oppressors. Because even Martin Luther King said “If your opponent has a conscience, then follow Gandhi. But if your enemy has no conscience, like Hitler, then follow Bonhoeffer.” And neither the fascists following Lord Dampnut (Trump) nor the cops who continue to side with him have a conscience.

Adding here:

I wish I could relocate that Tumblr post with proof that the KKK, Nazis, and other racist groups have been infiltrating the police ever since Obama took office. So it's no longer hyperbole to say that cops are Nazis, because they are.

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God is malevolent evil

Question from Quora: Why can't God make our world a better place?

My answer:

Because this world is literally Hell, and God is malevolent evil, meaning God could probably make a better place, but has no interest in doing so. This is my position based on supporting evidence. The existence of tsetse flies, of suffering, of evil, it and a myriad other things are only explicable if God is malevolent evil and this is Hell. Especially consciousness. What other reason could there be to give a creature made of decaying meat a consciousness and knowledge of its eventual mortality, than to cause it to suffer through fear of death?

“But Hell is eternal!” One word for you: reincarnation. Reincarnation is how this world, how Hell, is eternal. There is no Heaven. Heaven’s existence goes contrary to all evidence. Thus, suicide is pointless.

“But how do you know that we don’t just cease to exist at death?” I don’t. I mean, I do know that reincarnation is real, because I have memories of past lives (memories that support this theory of a malevolent God), but those could be false memories, I admit. I admit this, even though there’s also many examples I’ve read or heard about of people with memories of past lives so accurate in ways that defy any other explanation, that I don’t “have faith” that reincarnation is true, I know for a fact that it’s true.

And also, since it would be a comfort to me to think that the suffering ends at death, the fact remains that everything in my life has convinced me that God is malevolent and hates anyone to be happy for long, so I would have to be extremely naive to have any hope for such a simple solution.

“But, but what about happiness? Doesn’t the existence of happiness disprove your theory?” You can’t truly suffer without happiness, without little moments here and there of contentedness. Studies into torture show that extended torture as people usually think of it just causes people to give up and lose themselves to apathy. To truly suffer, you must have happiness or at least occasional reprieves from the torture to renew hope and keep you from slipping into despair and apathy, to make it hurt all the more when that brief happiness is snatched away. (And all the rise in apathetic depression in humans lately proves is that humans excel at making each other’s lives miserable especially via capitalism.)

“How do you know God is evil? Maybe you’re just one of the unlucky few to end up in Hell, and everyone else is in the same boat or is an illusion or an actor?” Because the mere fact that God would even create Hell to begin with proves He is malevolent. There is no crime worthy of eternal suffering, none. People like to think there are, but that’s only because they don’t really understand what eternal torment would be like. Mainly because you couldn’t have eternal suffering without breaking it up somehow, like for instance by making the soul reincarnate time and again, limiting a single lifetime to about 50 to 100 years.

“What about people who die suddenly and painlessly as young people?” Probably God decided their lives were too happy and reset them to put them into a life more full of misery. Or God was just using their brief existence to cause misery for their loved ones by taking them away so soon. Or both.

“Yeah well maybe you’re just depressed.” The fact that depression is even something that can happen kind of proves my point. It takes an incredible amount of cognitive dissonance to think God is benevolent when evil, suffering, and depression exist. There is no talking around that; all you end up with if you try is excuses. If you assume a benevolent God, then those things constitute a massive plot hole that can’t be explained away no matter how hard you try unless you just stop thinking critically. The only theory that fits the evidence is a malevolent God.

“Maybe there IS no god, and life is just random, an accident.” Then where does the universe come from? Why does anything exist? It’s inexplicable. If Einstein is right and matter/energy can be neither created nor destroyed (and he is; the universe would make even less sense if he was wrong about that), then what came before the universe? Did it always just exist? Why isn’t everything just lost to entropy? You could be right, I grant you, but personally I don’t buy it. I don’t buy that consciousness just happens. Honestly, it’s kind of inexplicable even if we assume God exists, but at least under that assumption, things make some sense.

“So if we’re already in Hell, we can do whatever we want!” Sure, if you want to be on His side by helping make the lives of others suck more. Yes, happiness is also part of the torture equation here, but not only can I not help being a compassionate person, I’d rather try to make God’s job harder by doing all I can to improve the lives of others, than cooperate with evil by making their lives worse. And if we all worked hard at defying God in that way, who knows? Maybe we could actually work out a way to kill Him and make this world Heaven instead of Hell. And even if that’s extremely unlikely to happen, better to live a life defying evil than embracing it.

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Upset stomach woes

I'm more prone to upset stomach than I'd like to be, and what's worse is, nothing fucking works against it. I used to take Pepto Bismol for it, and that worked a treat for the first couple decades of my life. Then one day it just stopped working. I kept trying, but even extra-strength Pepto, whether in pills or liquid form, doesn't work anymore. Antacids don't work. All that works is just waiting it out, and when the hunger gets to be too much, going ahead and eating anyway. I even tried Mylanta (well, off brand), and along with being the nastiest thing I've ever tasted in my life, it didn't work. These ginger pills I have used to work for about a couple months, and now they don't work either. Nothing fucking works. When I get an upset stomach, all I can do is wait for it to decide to stop.

What's worse, when I get upset stomach now, I tend to also get diarrhea AND painful gas. Lovely. So these days whenever I get upset stomach, I take an anti-gas pill and some anti-diarrheals. They don't stop the stomach being upset either, but I do seem to recover slightly faster when I use them.

Oh yes, and often these upset stomachs are a mystery to me, because I usually have no idea what caused it. Though the one I had earlier today was, I am sure, caused by overeating the night before. I had a bowl full of hamburger/beans mix with faux cheese to make "nachos" with, then an unknown amount of time later (possibly as little as 2 hours) had a huge steak from the food boxes. A steak that, if I'm honest, was already greying on the outside and smelled like it was about to go off. But it tasted alright, and I cooked it all the way through. (I can't stand it when steak is pink in the middle.) I was so stuffed, it's no wonder I got an upset stomach.

Speaking of that upset stomach, a new development in the Hell that is my relationship with my stomach. The tale started with me looking up herbal and home remedies for upset stomach. Some I've done before and won't do again - like drinking baking soda mixed with water. Tastes nasty, doesn't work for me. What I did instead earlier today was ate some apple sauce with cinnamon, as apples and cinnamon were both mentioned as working for some people. Also took one of those OTC pills that supposedly reduces creation of stomach acid.

Well, for whatever reason, what I did was a bad idea. I spent the whole trip to Winco fighting nausea and the urge to vomit, and that didn't pass until some time about a quarter of the way through the Winco trip. I was seriously considering running to the bathroom to pray to the porcellain god until that point. But for whatever reason, it just stopped and became a regular upset stomach.

Now I appear to possibly have slept it off. Eating ginger-flavored rice and a banana for now until I'm certain.

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