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First Church of Hypocrisy, Blasphemy, and Self-Righteousness

AKA the first honest religion in the history of the universe.

Bishop Sanctimonious the Hypocritical
1 July 1982
"Burn the darkness with the light of knowledge."

Alex_antonin: Satanist, Discordian, pacifist, gender-fluid, anarchist, pagan, polyamorous, autistic, pansexual, intersectional feminist, chaos mage. Also white. If I accidentally say or do anything racist, please call me out politely on that shit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Be polite to me and I shall be polite to you. Annoy me and I will tell you to fuck off. Annoy me too much and I will unfollow and/or block you.

Militant vegans, Republicans, anti-abortion nuts, religious nuts, Libertarians, anti-feminists, homophobes, transphobes, bi/panphobes, racists, sexists, Ayn Rand fans, classists, "fedora" wearing assheads, dudebros, and pro-capatalist scumbags: please go to Hell.

Also, if your brand of feminism excludes or hates transgender & genderqueer people, opposes porn, opposes safe & sane BDSM, opposes legalization of prostitution, or causes you to hate sex workers, then you, you can go to Hell, too, I wouldn't want you to feel left out.